Religion – Just a thought…

Just a thought –

There is no better time to indoctrinate someone than when they are at their youngest. Children only stop believing in Santa because one day we have to tell them the truth or they figure out who left presents under the tree.

Problem with religion is, this has been going on for centuries. The people who started the lie are long gone, and the people who helped perpetuate that lie are long gone, so it’s left down to common sense. When you have been told a lie from birth, it can be hard to see the obvious, because its scary to some people just to give up the faith. Brainwashing is powerful.

Where you are born and where your decedents where born heavily determines what religion you will be. Ask yourself, if I was born elsewhere, where a more dominant religion prevails, if my descendants where from from this foreign country too, what religion would I be? Which one would I align more too, which religion would I champion above all others? It wouldn’t be the religion you practice now, that’s for certain.

Why would you favour your religion over all others? Because you where told to, because you have been told since birth, as where your parents and their parents before them. Religion is dictated to you from birth, you can believe what YOU want to believe, but you don’t have to believe in something because you where told to.



It’s literally just occurred to me. To the point that I needed to write it so that I could look back and read on this in the future to remind me of my own stupidity.

I suffer from anxiety – this is not new. What I have learned though is that I spend so much of my time worrying and panicking about everything without actually fucking doing ANYTHING. What the fuck, I panic and worry and stress about everything but literally take no steps to actually deal with the shit at the time until it gets to the point that I am struggling and actually have real reason to worry.

If I actually dealt with the things that caused me to worry in the first place then things would never get to the point where I struggle to cope. Like my coping strategy should literally just be – deal with your shit, you fucking moron.

Anyway, just needed to put this out here for myself for future reference.

Deal with problems head on as soon as you realise there is a problem, literally don’t leave until tomorrow what can be fixed today. The longer you leave a problem the bigger it gets and the harder it is to deal with.


I don’t know if anyone really recalls the early days of the PSP hacking scene. That was a good number of years ago and that scene in probably close to dead now. However one of the big players back in the day, and ultimately one of my favourite hackers went by the name of Dark-Alex. This guy broke the scene wide open and was one of the most prominent in the scene at the time. The first to create a fully customised firmware for the handheld.

I just installed chrome on my computer for the first time in years and bookmarks which where long since lost and forgotten all of a sudden reappeared when I logged back in, and the first that came to my attention was –

Of course I had to have a look, if memory served me correctly the last time I checked his site out there was literally nothing to be seen. Why what lies there now seems to me like a bit of a teaser. Judge for yourself. I see the light bar off of a Playstation 4 with controller at the bottom which might lead one to believe that Dark-Alex himself is working at hacking the Playstation 4. Purely speculation mixed with a little excitement from a massive fan, but if he isn’t it only leaves me to wonder as to why that would be there.

Dark-Alex PS4

Watch this space guys because if anything changes I hope to be the first to have that posted right here.



It would seem that apparently Dark-Alex (aka DAX) is no longer in control of the site. This is just speculation and rumour. However I read a post that this all happened as far back as 2013. Given that it has been 3 years without a release. It’s probably safe to say he isn’t returning.


Walking round Gamefest checking out all the latest titles, LOVED MW3

The open mouthed cool-down chew

As I was tucking into my exceptionally prepared, well made and very tasty (ready) meal. I became aware of this open mouthed cool-down chew. The one where you mouth isn’t wide open, but where in the excitement of enjoying your food you forgot to blow it and well, it’s fucking steaming and you now have the job of cooling it down in your mouth which is very uncomfortable and well, you look like a fucking idiot. The only way of cooling the food down now is to move it around in your mouth whilst chewing and by drawing air into you mouth by sucking being careful not to choke on the delectable contents, not something you ever have to learn, it apparently comes naturally to everyone.


I feel ashamed now that I am aware of this, was I really so hungry that from putting my food onto the folk I couldn’t wait a few more seconds to blow it before putting it into my mouth? No I wasn’t. Was the food just that tasty that it couldn’t have waited another moment before being consumed, it was delicious, I have to say…. but no, not it wasn’t that tasty and I only wish before burning my tongue I had thought about this. I think this is a serious issue which needs to be addressed. I can see in the future the loss of many taste buds, the wasted food were it was so hot, people actually gave up and had to dispose of it or worst of all…. burning the pipe which the food goes down and not having a cold drink near by with which to wash it down…The thought alone of a poor man, women or child having to go through the horror of this scares me, I can hear their Ooo Ooo Ooo’s now and this is no laughing matter!!!

So think please my fellow food lovers out there, it takes not 2 seconds to cool the food by simply blowing it first, something which we have been telling our children for years but which has been overlooked by ourselves for far to long!

No more tea… :(


Image by ©aius via Flickr

Today was a good day, until the moment I picked up my cup whilst updating my Facebook status and realised…No more tea Disappointed smile

I don’t think I am the first or last person to experience this moment of utter disappointment, it’s more than anything a feeling of loss and wonderment about what you might do to acquire your next drink of tea without the hardship of having to make a fresh one yourself. An investment into a quick boiling kettle would not be enough, it’s not the amount of time the kettle takes to boil that is the hardship, it’s the having to get up in the first place.

Of course the other hardship pre-brew is the arguments amongst family about who will make it and who made the last one and for some reason why a number of family members might think they are exempt from the brew making responsibility, because they have moved out and no longer live there to me is not a reasonable excuse. Of course this is purely because I am next in line after them. I would be the first to be using that excuse once I move out and have my own place again. Despite that they would still be expected to take their turn when they come to visit at my house.


What is the big deal about tea? and why is it that no longer have we finished one, we require another? Of course I refer to my tea loving friends out there and not the people who are impartial to a cup of tea at every hour of the day. Personally I cannot function unless I have had two cups of tea after getting out of bed, my morning wake up call is the sound of the kettle clicking on and me not wanting to miss out. More inviting is the fact someone else is making it and if I don’t get up now I have to consider the prospect of making my own when I do finally role out of bed. They will have finished theirs and of course if I’m making myself one everybody else will be inline. In the laws of tea making it is quite clear that you cannot make yourself one without making everybody else one at the same time. I am one of these in the morning that if I wake up before everyone else I try to make as little noise as possible when washing my cup out and flicking the kettle on. I will stand by the kettle until I can tell it is at boiling point and turn it off myself before it clicks so as not to alert anyone of my activities.

Truth be told though there is no more hardship in making one cup of tea than there is making three or four, other than the trips back and forth bringing them in and delivering them to each individual drinker.

With that said in the time it has taken me to write this not so informative post, the house has emptied and there are now only two of us resident. I think I will make the next before anybody else returns, exempting me from making the next one when that does occur.

PSN Downtime – Ridiculous!

Logo of the PlayStation Network

Image via Wikipedia

Ok so PSN is now getting into it’s 3rd week of downtime with Sony stating that it will be back on “shortly” (However long that might be). Trouble being the people responsible are already threatening another attack.

I’m hoping that within this uptime that I manage to login and remove all my personal information from my account since the people who are making these threats are stating that they will publish all this stolen information online for everyone to see; Addresses, Credit Card information, emails and so on. Personally I would love to know what the users of PSN have done to offend these criminals and why they feel the need to lash out at them like this. Sure if your pissed off with Sony attack them, that’s your business but why take it out on they’re customers as well?

Furthermore, I am beyond pissed off with Sony now, not only for the way they have dealt with this, but for the fact that the security was so fucked and that they allowed this to happen in the first place. For so called saying they are fixing the security holes whilst the people responsible are saying that they still have access despite the fact no other fucker has!

This makes me wonder about the future of online gaming and the purchasing of online content. I will be less inclined in the future of trusting my information, specifically credit card details with these companies. Sony became a target because they pissed hackers off, but what’s to say that these same loop holes don’t exist within other companies servers. With more and more content becoming available online everyday, and the need for us to input our details into every other site that comes along, what steps can be put in place to keep this information out of the wrong peoples hands. Where there is someone making security, there are three of four people trying to find ways to break it and get around it. If a person made it, it can always be broken. Hackers are persistent, there are good hackers and bad, it’s the bad ones I worry about. I know once I take my information from Sony I won’t be giving it to them again. They are now a prime target for hackers and these people don’t forget to easily.

For people who have been affected by this, Sony is offering 1 years free identity protection with cover of up to $1Million apparently. I will post links to sign up as and when they become available. My only question about that is if it will be available to people in Europe and other affected regions.

Sony Sued for PSN Security Breach – PS3 News at IGN

Sony Sued for PSN Security Breach – PS3 News at IGN.

I am beond disappointed with Sony at the minute. What’s more annoying is that I can’t even login to the PS Blog to tell them how pissed I am with them.

I got the email earlier which everyone should be recieving about now telling me how my details are amongst everybodies elses which where taken, not just a select few oh no, that would be to easy, the bastards who hacked the network took the fucking lot. Sony your shit, I would have thought your security would be tighter than that. A multi-billion pound company who has a massive ammount of trust put into them by they’re customers by having hold of our private information and your security system was designed by a 12 year old.

Thanks alot! Now I have to go through the process of changing all my passwords and get in touch with my bank and get my cards changed. Your amazing!!!

PS3 OtherOS

Ok so I am selling my PS3 – Not because of the removal of OtherOS, just because gaming really isn’t my thing anymore.

That said, I can still show interest in it and what comes immediately to mind is, despite the fact OtherOS on the PS3 was removed many moons ago now, it’s still a hot topic. Why some people might think…..Well I for one can see why this is still open for discussion. I can also see why Sony may never hear the end of it, and find that taking it out could cost them a lot more than they expected to lose had they have kept it in.

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God pushing door knockers.

Seriously it’s not bad enough that these people believe if false prophets, but they need to try and sell it as well. Don’t come knocking on my door because you will not get the reaction your looking for. I will tell you how it is and tell you straight. You think you can come and preach and try to convert me on my own door step and then don’t expect that I will try and do the same to you. If you come to my house you will hear what I have to say and not the other way around.

I will say it loud and clear, your god is bullshit, fiction, not real. The bible is purgatory from the Egyptian story of Horus who also wasn’t real. God, Jesus, The Virgin Mary and the fucking rest of it comes from star constellations and people that used to believe that the stars where God’s. The Son of God is “The Sun” Get the facts, they are all there plain and clear for anyone to see, yet you still choose to live a life of ignorance.

Search Youtube for –



And you will get all the evidence and PROOF you need to see that you are being fooled and have been fooled all your life. Take comfort in the fact your not the only one.